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The Lorraine Hansberry Literary Trust (LHLT) functions as the official and authorized organization representing the writer Lorraine Hansberry. The mission of the LHLT is to steward the legacy of the celebrated playwright and ensure that her works and her commitment to art, social change, and human evolution continues to inspire us around the world.

The LHLT encompasses two Trusts: The Lorraine Hansberry Properties Trust which oversees the use of the intellectual properties of the author, and The Jewell Handy Gresham Nemiroff Trust which owns the copyrights to Hansberry’s published and unpublished works and papers. 

The LHLT serves as a go-to source to license and obtain permissions for the literary works of the author. 

The LHLT provides public access to those wishing to obtain media rights, stage rights and/or biographical and literary information about the author. The Trust also coordinates national and international projects that involve Hansberry’s works in print, audio, film, and on television and stage.

The LHLT has a collaborative working relationship with the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, a division of the New York Public Library, where the Lorraine Hansberry Papers are archived. The Schomburg Center and the LHLT have supported many of the major biographical, literary, and theatrical projects that focus on Hansberry.